About us

About our company

Incentive Research Africa (IRA) is a company which focuses on developing IRA platform and implementing its projects. IRA platform is an online platform which will deal with market research and opinion pulling in different African countries to help organizations to get customized and tailor made information to inform their decision on various areas such as products, services, designs, health etc.

The platform will be used as a round table discussion where specific users in our database will be asked specific questions according to the need of our clients. The platform uses incentive mechanisms to award its users to increase traffic and meet the diverse demands for our clients. Through the agreement between IRA and clients the research surveys will be attained with the least possible involvement of intermediaries.

The platform will be a collaboration tool for a community of users and private & public organizations working together to make research more affordable and more accessible.


Users will register in the platform by providing their basic information such as their names, gender, year of birth, occupation, location, hobbies etc. After registration users will be allowed to login onto the platform, decide on which survey (s) would like to participate and the record of their answers, opinions, views or suggestions are stored. After the successful completion of all the questions, a user will collect his/her Diligence Tokens by confirming the submission. The data will be analyzed by the system and report results will be sent directly to the client.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality market research which is reliable, transparent and accurate accessible and affordable to everyone

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s best research company by 2025 using a digital model of operation. We believe that doing so will address solutions to many of the challenges African nations face today

Our Values

  1. We work as a team
  2. We connect Africa
  3. We Simplify researches
  4. We commit to our clients
  5. People are the source of our strength

Conventional Research Challenges

The global community particularly Africa is facing a lot of challenges ranging from global warming to unemployment. Government and private organizations are working relentlessly to address some of these challenges in so many ways. For these challenges to be addressed effectively there is a need to have enough information about a problem at hand; adequate information provides these organizations with valuable resources to make informed decisions.

In this regard research is of paramount importance to every organization should they really committed to address some sophisticated today’s world challenges.  In conventional research model, the way the participants are obtained or chosen is not as clear as should be, the number of participants is not as big as it should be, hence risk the under representation of the population, most of these companies are based in big cities so their participants hence do not take into account the population distribution in a given country, it is easy to cook or manipulate data since data are manually taken. We recognize that overcoming obstacles is an important part of growing up.

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