Diligence token is a cryptocurrency made from the Ethereum platform to power IRA platform. The maximum supply is 21,000,000 and 10% of its supply is in circulation. The use of Diligence Token in a platform will provide transparent and ease of payment.

Use cases

IRA will enter agreements and make contracts with companies intended to undertake survey on a certain criteria, in doing so IRA gain revenues. 60 % of the revenue obtained will be returned back to the platform users through Dil-Pesa, Dil-Bundle and Dil-Huduma.

  1. Dil-Bundle: Users will convert Diligence token to airtime or internet bundle.
  2. Dil-Pesa: Users will convert Diligence token to mobile money.
  3. Dil-Huduma: Users will pay Diligence token to get services in clubs, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

Diligence buying guide

Diligence token (iRA) is traded on Finexbox exchange using Bitcoin (BTC) pair. Register in Finexbox Exchange and start trading right away. Click here to start trading.