Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IRA?

This is an abbreviation for Incentive Research Africa, which is the private company registered in Tanzania as one of the research companies operating all over  Africa.

2. How is IRA unique from other research companies?

IRA uses IRA platform to undergo market researches and people’s opinion polling. Users will be paid using a cryprocurrency for completing surveys; this will increase traffic on the platform.

3. What is the IRA platform

This is an online website system where users get paid using a cryptocurrency for filling or completing various online surveys.

4. Who is the owner of IRA?

Anyone who own IRAS, its corresponding certificate and pin number.

5. What is IRAS?

Is an abbreviation for IRA SHARE, an ERC20 token given to recognize legal owners of IRA company and anyone  with it is entitled to receive dividends in direct proportion to his/her shares.

6. What is the total number of IRAS?

There are only 1,000,000 IRAS available. IRA expects to sell 500,000 IRAS only to East Africa people. IRAS will be sold on two bundles 250,000 shares in each phase.

7. How much it cost per IRAS?

It cost $0.22 currently per IRAS. Fluctuation of IRAS price will depend on the value of  IRA assets variations.

8. How can I get IRAS?

IRAS can be purchased by creating an account on our website and then pay via BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, XRP or LTC addresses available.

9. What is the difference between IRAS and iRA?

Both are ERC20 tokens but IRAS symbolize company shares and is owned by people from East Africa only while iRA is a token which will be used as incentive in IRA platform and has no boundary limits.

10. What is Diligence token (iRA)?

Is an ERC20 token which will be used to recognize the efforts made by the community in the IRA platform, users who completed surveys will be awarded with a Diligence tokens.

11. What is the maximum supply of Diligence token?

There are only 21,000,000 tokens with 2,100,000 in circulation.

12. Where Diligence can be stored?

Diligence on the Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC20 token can be sent to any Ethereum addresses and being stored with ERC20 wallets.

13. Can you recommend ERC20 wallet for the Diligence storage?

IRA doesn’t endorse, recommend, or make any representations with respect to digital wallets. It’s advisable to always conduct your own due diligence before trusting your money to any third party or third-party technology.

14. How is the platform convenience?

After users receive their tokens will have more options within the platform. They will be able to withdraw to other exchanges or use them via Dil-bundle, Dil-Pesa and Dil-huduma.

15. What exchanges Diligence token is listed?

Diligence is now traded against BTC in Finexbox exchange but soon will be listed in big exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance.

16. What is Dil-bundle?

This is an airtime and internet bundle that will be given by network providers to IRA platform users as a reward for the participation in surveys.

17. What is Dil-Pesa?

IRA platform users will be paid through conventional mobile money such as M-Pesa or Tigo-pesa. These payments are made as incentives to those who completed surveys in the usage of IRA platform. Users exchange their Diligence token into their country currency.

18. What is Dil-huduma?

Platform users will have an option to use their Diligence tokens to get various services such as health insurance, restaurant and supermarket.

19. How it will work?

IRA will make contracts and enter into agreement with some of the network providers and service providers in different African countries.