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IRAS is the ownership of the IRA Company (All assets and Liabilities under IRA and Diligence Token (iRA) as IRA have made changes in its ownership. Instead of being owned by few individuals (Founders); from now onward IRA will be owned by anyone with a dream of owning a digital currency powered project. The ownership of IRA Company is currently allowed only to people from East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi). We are looking for Angel investors or early investors in order to raise capital to kick start the business.

Anyone with the ownership of IRAS from above mentioned countries will be legal owners of the IRA Company (Including all the assets, liabilities as well as Diligence Token) depending on the amount of IRAS an individual owns. IRAS owners will be getting dividends from time to time decided by the board of Directors in proportion to the company profits. Board of Directors will consist of founders and the individuals with the highest amount of IRAS.

IRAS is a tokenized system. IRA has invented its digital currency which known as IRA -SHARE (IRAS). It is a cryptocurrency in the Ethereum blockchain. There are only one Million (1,000,000). IRAS tokens are the IRA (Company) shares. Anyone with IRA shares will be a legal owner of the company and is entitled to receive dividends in direct proportion to his/her shares.

Value of IRAS

Value of IRA is the total value of all the assets owned by the company, all the revenue from IRA Platform as well as Diligence Token. Therefore, IRAS value consists the total equity capital of the company.

The value of IRA SHARE will be fluctuating by rising and falling depending on the performance of Diligence Token in exchanges and the company revenue. The estimated equity of the company is equivalent to about one Million IRAS (1,000,000 IRAS)

Value of IRA Company as of now is Diligence (iRA) 21,000,000 while 1,100,000 Diligence are in circulation (in the hands of people) Only 20,000,000 Diligence Tokens are in IRA Digital Wallet. The value of 20,000,000 Diligence Tokens under IRA Company is the total capital value of the company as of now. The value of the company will be increasing as the value of Diligence (iRA) is increasing in the market also the increase of the company revenue

According to Diligence market price and IRA revenue, IRAS price is approximated to $0.22( 500Tsh/-)  per IRAS on July 2019.

Sales of IRAS

IRA expects to sell 500,000 shares among all the one million shares (1,000,000). IRAS will be sold on two bundles of 250,000 shares in each phase. Fluctuation of IRAS price will depend on the Diligence price in various cryptocurrency markets in the world. The sales of the first 250,000 IRAS will start on 10th June, 2019 under the supervision of IRA.

Why purchase IRAS

  1. You get a chance to own your own crypto currency & Crypto project. i.e.: Become your own CZ or Vitalik.
  2. You will receive a special certificate for your IRAS.
  3. As angel investor, you are the owner of IRA Company and you have the rights to benefit from all projects that will be executed by the company. Your share will grow with the company.
  4. Dividends from the company depending on the project performance. i.e.: In six month basis but our projection is on one month basis.
  5. Benefits from all projects conducted by the company- Diligence Token, iRA Platform & Revenue from our clients
  6. You can convert IRAS into Diligence Token
  7. You can sell your IRAS to the company or any other person when you see it fit.
  8. IRA ambassadors will be selected from IRAS holders (IRA is looking for 100 ambassadors for iRA Platform services across Africa)
  9. Free Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education to all IRAS holders.

Eligibility criteria for IRAS buyers

  1. Be interested with IRA project after he/she has made a “due diligence” to know its merits and potentials
  2. Be a citizen of East African countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda)
  3. To be able to buy at least 500 IRAS

Note: Before you buy iRAS make sure you do “due diligence” to know by educating yourself about Digital Wallets particularly Erc20 wallets so as to avoid the potential loss of your hard earned shares.

After the sales of the first phase of 100,000 shares, the IRA project through “IRA Platform” will officially start its operations. Refer to Diligence whitepaper

Payment system when buying IRAS

IRA share payment will be in form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies accepted for IRAS purchases are:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (Xrp) , BitcoinCash (BCH), Litecoin (LTH), USDT

Wallet addresses for payment are provided with in IRAS platform.

The relationship between Diligence Token (iRA) and IRAS

Diligence (iRA) is a crypto-currency (Digital Money) which will be used as a media of exchange with every other user of IRA Platform. Diligence (iRA) token can be owned by anyone in the world after being released from IRA system.

Anyone with Diligence (iRA) token will have the ability to exchange IRAS to Diligence token but not Diligence token to IRAS.