Overview in direct response to the challenges faced by conventional market research model, we are creating an online platform called IRA that will provide for direct, transparent, and interactive model of marketing research and peoples opinion polling data collection that satisfy the changing needs of global market. IRA platform is a collaboration tool for a community of platform users and public and private organizations working together to make market research more affordable and more accessible. The platform works in conjunction with an inclusive and decentralized payment system for secure transactions. Wallets will be integrated on the IRA Platform for platform users, service providers, private and public organizations (Our Clients)

IRA Platform – Diligence Token Integration
Users will register in the platform by providing their basic information such as their names, gender, year of birth, occupation, country, their hobbies etc. After registration users will be allowed to login onto the IRA platform, decide in which survey (s) would like to participate and the record of their answers, opinions, views or suggestions are stored. After the successful completion of all the questions, a user will collect his/her Diligence tokens by confirming the submission. Then the data obtained will be analyzed by the system and report results will be sent directly to the client. Diligence (IRA) is an ERC20 token. Use of Diligence (IRA) will provide transparency and ease of payment.

IRA Platform structure

A. Registration Dashboard

The System will be capable to register anyone (regardless of his/her location) who wants to join our community. After a user registered the system will be capable to classify users in different criteria such as gender (male and female), age range (15-35, 36-55, 56-70) and their locations (Arusha-Tanzania, Nairobi-Kenya, Abuja-Nigeria). The system will keep record of contacts provided with users (emails & telephone numbers) to alert the user once there is a new research to be undertaken with that specific user.

B. Research Dashboard

The dashboard will display a research/survey we are working on. This system will provide an opportunity to the specific users who meet certain criteria’s as specified with our client to read and answer those prepared questions. Users won’t be able to download those surveys.

C. Market Dashboard

Here is where Diligence token market information will be shown. It will display the value of Diligence token against giant coins such as BTC, ETH, BCH and its respective exchange platforms. Users will be able to withdraw their tokens to exchange platform but not to deposit.

D. Data Center Dashboard

The dashboard will be displaying number of platform users, demographic percentage of male and female, top 100 locations with many platform users, top clients who has most been serviced with our company etc

E. Client portal

The dashboard will be accessed with the authorized client to check on his/her market research progress. A client will be able to check and review platform user responses on his/her survey. The data interpretation and report summary will be shown on this area.

F. IRA Services Dashboard

The dashboard will enable users to interact with our services i.e.; Dil-bundle, Dil-Pesa and Dil-huduma. Users will be able to swap their Diligence tokens to Mobile money, airtime, and internet bundle and to get other social services.

G. IRA Contact Dashboard

On this dashboard there will be immediate support and help from our service providers on different IRA concerns.